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3. To free (the bowels) from constipation. Loosen up definition is - to become less tense : relax. How to use loosen up in a sentence. Loosening (up): to free from obstruction or difficulty. Synonyms: easing, facilitating, greasing… Antonyms: complicating… Find the right word.

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He loosens the clasp and lays it on the table. Immediately my Shackles loosened and fell away of  Godfather of Sweden's Skinny Jeans Loosens Up. The man known for innovating Sweden's skinny jeans phenomenon a decade ago is loosening up just a bit  Keep your dog perky by loosening up her hip, lower back and leg muscles. This dog stretch will surely become a favorite. PlushlandiaMy Japanese Spitz Dogs. Some oil in the cylinders and maybe it loosening up. Tungt.


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· ~ Relax and pare down any overly correct, convoluted sentences. · ~ Don't drown  Oct 17, 2019 Loosen Up Your Tight Quads With 3 Moves · Stretch your quads: Try the kneeling quad stretch.

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2018 Mar;27(3):449-454. doi:  8 Common Causes for a Tight Vagina and How to Loosen Things Up for improve its elasticity, loosening the opening and canal, reducing pain and discomfort. Serendipity 2 – Loosening Up With Mixed Media. In this online class you'll learn to let go and be loose in your art.

Loosening up

Literally, to become looser, less tight, or less restricting. If those shoes are stiff right now, just give them time—they'll loosen up. loosen up. See definition of loosen up on Dictionary.com. as in kick back.
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loosen · 2 · If you loosen up your body, or if it loosens up, you do simple exercises to get your muscles ready for a difficult physical activity, such as running or  Apr 16, 2020 Luckily, soothing that soreness is possible. A few good stretches could be just the thing to loosen them up and take away some of the pain. Jul 16, 2018 This will loosen and relax all the muscles up and down your arms. Do this for 1 minute.
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Relax Your Need to Relax. Long ago, at my daughter's peewee gymnastics meet, I heard the mother of another 6-  Apr 13, 2019 Seattle loosening up regulations for sidewalk cafes. Expand.

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I have tried washers, no washers, lock washers,  Keep On Loosening It Up by Rubber Band Gun, released 01 January 2018 Keep on loosening it up keep on dancing it off till you put all of your records on Keep  More 700 Loosening up synonyms. What are another words for Loosening up? Limber up, loosen up, calm. Full list of synonyms for Loosening up is here. Loosening up: how process networks unlock the power of specialization; cutting- edge companies are swapping their tightly coupled processes for loosely  Mar 13, 2014 If you've never done a timed study, then I suggest you give it a try.